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Organic, Green all Natural Dog Products,fresh natural organic and green products for our lives

Organic, Green all Natural Dog Products


Orange Dog is manufactured by GNE Enterprises, Inc. of St. Johns, Florida and is dedicated to providing the finest organic, green all natural dog products,  to safely use as you care for your dog. Our story is simple: we started out looking for one thing and wound up with something else.

Unexpected Outcome

While experimenting with orange oil as a way of changing the chemical nature of wood for “smoke cooking”, Nick Schklair, the CEO of Orange Dog, found that the oil of an orange, though quite flammable, however instantly deodorizes anything (dog odor) to which it is applied. By experimenting with natural surfactants, he was able to create a product that was safe to use, readily combines with water and has (orange oil, that is) the property of killing insects on contact. Thus, a product was born! As he further experimented with natural oils and  soaps,  Nick created the current product line.

All Natural, All Green, All Organic
All of the ingredients used in the Orange Dog formulations are based upon natural ingredients and have undergone testing in the field with pet groomers and other dog professionals. We pride ourselves in being GREEN and even our containers are recyclable.

The base ingredients contain orange oil and other orange byproducts obtained directly from the peel of the orange. The essence of the orange comes directly from the peel which is high in orange oil and termines.

Natural & Green Product Line

We have introduced a new dog Shampoo that contains the base ingredients of both Orange Dog Freshener as well as other natural plant based spices and ingredients.

In short, Orange Dog is a natural product leaving your dog with the beautiful essence of oranges and it works better than artificial products that only temporarily mask dog odor! Our products extend our capacity to include shampoos, and natural insect repellents. Look for my  articles and also Suite101 and the All Green Living site to find additional info on natural dog care.


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